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The Wit of the Marx Brothers
Groucho on the economy (from Animal Crackers):
    Roscoe W. Chandler (Louis Sorin): The nickel today is not what it used to be ten years ago.
    Captain Spaulding (Groucho): Well, I'll go further than that. I'll get off at the depot. The nickel today is not what it was fifteen years ago. Do you know what this country needs today?
    Chandler: What?
    Spaulding: A seven cent nickel. Yes siree, we've been using the five-cent nickel in this country since 1492. Now that's pretty near 100 years daylight saving. Now why not give the seven cent nickel a chance? If that works out, next year we can have an eight cent nickel. Think what that would mean? You could go to a newsstand, buy a three cent newspaper, and get the same nickel back again. One nickel carefully used would last a family a lifetime.
    Chandler: Captain Spaulding, I think that is a wonderful idea.
    Spaulding: You do, eh?
    Chandler: Yes.
    Spaulding: Well, then there can't be much to it. Forget about it.